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Il était temps que les amplis retrouvent leur droit de cité dans notre chère cave...
Donc, pour entammer comme il se doit ce menu du mois de septembre, nos cuisiniers sonores vous proposent:

Jeudi 18 : Dure-mère/ prix libre
               C'est le traditionnel concert d'aurevoir, le premier de leur "dure-tour" (voir article dure-tour). 
               C'est aussi la sortie de leur nouveau cd avec le nouveau batteur qu'on ne présente plus.

vendr 19 : Attendre et la pluie/ prix libre
               On vous encourage vivement à venir ouïr cette formation folk-intimiste de Cherbourg.
               Leur univers timide et grinçant ne pourra trouver meilleur écho que notre cave humide.


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The Gentlemen's Agreement need your help!! 16/11/2008 18:55

Dear le Mechantes betes,
please believe believe in music!

We wrote already, but we believe in you,and you have to believe in it's love or crazyness!!!,

We got your email address thanks to Moon pallace and Fabio of Annie Hall, from Italy.

We are just 4 gently farmer from the south dirty side of Itlay, Naples!

So, next week, November 21th, will release our first album with a good italian label...but we look straight on, and really far, so I'm tryng to organize a Mini Gig in France, and of course i didi it!

At the moment we got this concert already booked:

Sunday 22 Feb. Tarbes

Monday 23 Feb We rest a little

Tuesday 24 Feb. Bordeaux

Wednesday 25 Feb we are free

Thursday 26 Feb. Paris

Friday 27 Feb Orlèans

So have you look, I believe in my music..and I found some people that believe in it too!

So can you accept us, in your club!!

If you got a club of course!

But Fabio told me a lot of things, that now at the moment, I'm a little bit confuse!

So we need a Wednesday or Saturday..everywhere.

If you got some friends with a club, small or big enough for 4 people, please let us know!

Or if you want us just for you, will be great.

Our music it's a kind of speed country/maouche guitars and hawajian atmosphere.

At the moment on our my space we got just some old songs, cause we have wait Nov.21th.

But us on


Farmer Raffaele Giglio

a lot, please let me know if you believe in us!

Thanks a lot