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et un DJ russe au méchantes ! une fois tous les micmacs réglés, nous pûmes entendre une série bien mélangée de vieux LPs rock soviétiques poussièreux, passés par DJ VOVA TOTAL BLAM BLAM. Des sons vraiments étranges, on sent qu'il y a du vécu, et quelques tubes, ça c'est clair. ça a donné une ambiance inédite au méchantes, et on aime ça.

(MERCI VICTOR ! pour l'aller-retour en vélo et merci à CHRIS du mojo pour les platines (qui marchaient !) vous nous avez sauvés les mecs.)

a russian DJ at the méchantes bêtes! after all of the mishmashes were finally solved, us mean creatures were able to listen to a mix of old dusty soviet rock LP's, thanks to DJ VOVA TOTAL BLAM BLAM. Strange sounds were heard, there's an honnest kind of dark feeling to some pieces, and a few hits too, that's for sure. this all made for an unusual atmosphere at our venue, and we like that. (Thank you Victor for the bike trip and Chris from the Mojo for the turntables (they worked!) you saved us guys.)

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vova total blam blam 16/08/2009 16:48

hello my friends,

thanks for all the kind words and possibility to play at your nice and cousy venue!!! this was a great show, but my last show on tour , because I didn't make it to Barcelona and had been deported from France, spent a week in a refugee camp in Perpignan and then back to Russia! So fucking terrible trip and experience! and this with a valid Finnish schengen visa... you can read more about this on my myspace profile.

I'd like to get in touch with all the people I met that nice evening, especially with Chris, Viktor, Jako, Maxi and a girl from a bar ;) I think she made the photos!!!

my email is:, you can find me at Facebook through it as well!